Marvel Heroes 2015


Marvel Heroes 2015 (or previously, Marvel Heroes Online) has just passed it’s first year Marvel Heroes 2015anniversary.  I started playing at release and have jumped back into it on-and-off throughout that year.  Marvel Heroes has undergone some massive changes since its release and it’s probably my favourite ARGP;  I loved Diablo 3 and Path of Exile but Marvel Heroes just keeps luring me back.

Of course this may not be the most balanced description because I could hypothetically be a massive comics / Marvel fanboy.   This may have some small grain of truth but I’ll be objective and rational as much as possible.

So read on to find out about Marvel Heroes 2015;  why it’s totally brilliant and why you should be playing it right now instead of doing other productive things with your life.

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When Good Missions Go Bad (Xenonauts)

Xenonauts is a strategic / tactical hybrid in the style of the original XCOM, even down to the plot (1980s ill-prepared humanity gets invaded by vastly superior alien force and struggles to rally a defence). It’s more like the original than the Firaxis remake. More depth, more strategy, better AI but not so glitzy and LOADs more unforgiving (esp on hardcore).

Which is demonstrated by the ignoble end to my last mission (and game,as it turned out).

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Hearthstone : The Arena

The Arena is a cool ‘sealed draft’ style sub-game.  For 150 gold you get to pick one of 3 randomly allocated heroes, then make a deck from 30 single selections from 3 cards.  Upside is you don’t have to worry about playing George Osbourne who’s spent 5000 quid on his deck of legendaries with custom ‘prole-skin’ card-backing.

It’s a good way to get extra free gold too.

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