Obutto Revolution Desk / Cockpit Review + Construction Tips

I’ve recently moved house and have a bit less space for my work / play desk (a huge, deep table-top).  Additionally, I’ve been doing a lot more typing on it (loads of PowerShell in my current job!) and I’ve been finding it more uncomfortable sitting at it typing for long periods.

Last, I’ve recently gotten a large, wide-screen monitor and it’s footprint was eating up a large amount of the desk-space I had.

So, after a bit of reading and hunting around, I got myself an Obutto Revolution. Continue reading “Obutto Revolution Desk / Cockpit Review + Construction Tips”

HOTAS (Joystick + Throttle) Comparison

As part of the long list of preparations for the release of Elite : Dangerous I decided it was time to get a new HOTAS system.  Hands On Throttle And Stick means exactly what it says;  a joystick and throttle with so many buttons you don’t need to take your hands off to fiddle with the keyboard.  They can be expensive bits of kit, but after a lot of searching and reading I settled on getting the CH Fighterstick and CH Throttle.

This post will break down why I went for the CH and I’ll do a follow-on post about what I think about the HOTAS system itself.

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