Obutto Revolution Desk / Cockpit Review + Construction Tips

I’ve recently moved house and have a bit less space for my work / play desk (a huge, deep table-top).  Additionally, I’ve been doing a lot more typing on it (loads of PowerShell in my current job!) and I’ve been finding it more uncomfortable sitting at it typing for long periods.

Last, I’ve recently gotten a large, wide-screen monitor and it’s footprint was eating up a large amount of the desk-space I had.

So, after a bit of reading and hunting around, I got myself an Obutto Revolution. Continue reading “Obutto Revolution Desk / Cockpit Review + Construction Tips”

Moving Home: For Geeks

The Ultimate High-Tech Solution for Moving Home

We recently moved house and while there are lots of helpful checklists out there (like this on on the BBC) there were a few extra wrinkles for me due to my generally nerdy existence.  So, here’s a few helpful hints I discovered during the process. Continue reading “Moving Home: For Geeks”

PowerShell: Display A Menu And Get a Valid Choice

While it’s normally best practice to not display anything on the host and to batch as much as possible with PowerShell; sometimes you need a UI.  Here’s a pair of functions to display a menu on the screen, automatically number the possible responses and only return when a valid choice is made. Continue reading “PowerShell: Display A Menu And Get a Valid Choice”

PowerShell: Synchronizing a Folder (and Sub-Folders) Part 10

Hi.  In this part I add some text logging to the script.  Not much else I can say really 🙂 Continue reading “PowerShell: Synchronizing a Folder (and Sub-Folders) Part 10”

Fixes for the Steam Stuck at a Blank Screen Issue

This has been broken for me for months, but recently I found a fix.  Using the Steam application, all you can do is browse your library.  The store, community, forums etc;  all don’t work.  If you use Big Picture mode, everything is great.  If you use a normal browser, everything is great.

Steam though?


Steam support gave up after a couple of suggestions.  But after working through many possible fixes, I worked out what was wrong. Continue reading “Fixes for the Steam Stuck at a Blank Screen Issue”

PowerShell: Tutorial 2, “Teach a Man to Fish” or Working Out The Command You Need

A series of tutorials, or How To Get Started With PowerShell:  “It’s Awesome” edition.

The title was originally built around “Teach A Man A Cmdlet and he PowerShells for a day;  Teach a Man to Use Get-Command and he PowerShell’s for a lifetime.”  But it got more and more clumsy and convoluted so I finally decided that there really was a limit to my own cleverness.

PowerShell really is quite clever though and makes it really easy to work out the cmdlets you want to use for any task. Continue reading “PowerShell: Tutorial 2, “Teach a Man to Fish” or Working Out The Command You Need”