Moving Home: For Geeks

The Ultimate High-Tech Solution for Moving Home

We recently moved house and while there are lots of helpful checklists out there (like this on on the BBC) there were a few extra wrinkles for me due to my generally nerdy existence.  So, here’s a few helpful hints I discovered during the process.

Sync Those Moving Lists

My wife was uber-organised about keeping a list of numbered boxes (and their contents) to help us find things ASAP when we moved in.  We used OneNote to maintain the lists and sync them between all our devices.  It means we could keep the right index for the numbered boxes (in each room) and we could work independently to pack the rooms.

We threw all sorts of other things in there when we thought of them (people to notify about address changes, important phone numbers etc) so we both had access to all the latest info as we went along.

Back Everything Up, Again

Overly paranoid you say?

Lugging stuff around is a great way to knacker hard-disks.  Make sure you take a backup of everything a few times before you go.  As moving house is ALSO a good way to lose things, make sure it’s all encrypted on the backups too!

Forewarned is Forearmed

The Good Old Days: G-Only WIFI and ADSL Internet. Probably

I warned the kids well in advance about the likely lack of computer-access just before and just after the move.  As all their school-work is heavily computerised, they were able to print out things they were likely to need ahead of time.

Get your Broadband Arrangements in Early to Ensure A Smooth, Painless Cutover

In the UK, BT Openreach (who handles all the infrastructure stuff) needs 2 working weeks notice to book a change-over.  That means you want to get your broadband cut-over to the new place booked well before that.  If the broadband type has to change (going from fibre to ADSL for example) you might need a new contract too.

Broadband Arrangements are Never Smooth Or Painless:  Have a Backup Plan (or two).

Even with all our planning ahead, the wheels came off our wagon due to human error on the part of our ISP.  So make sure you’ve got adequate data cap on your phone AND you’ve got tethering good to go.  Or get a 3G / 4G router temporarily so you can access the Internet as soon as you get in.  There’s bound to be loads of things you’ll need to lookup or order as soon as you get in.

Access to Your Passwords

Make sure you’ve got access to your passwords when you move.  Mobile version of a password manager, notepad of scribbles, dietetic memory;  whatever you do, make sure you have it.

BTW:  Don’t use a notepad of scribbles.

Have a (Tech) Critical-Items Kit

You should have a general box of items you want to keep to hand for moving generally (tea / coffee, cleaning items, bin bags etc) but also get one for you important tech stuff you’re going to need fast access to;

  • Misc computer cables (network, video, power, USB)
  • Power extension lead
  • Power multi-point
  • Mobile device charger + the right cables for everything
  • Connection details for your new ISP
  • Wifi-router
  • 1 Really long network cable
  • Toolkit
  • Small bag / box of items removed from furniture when they were collapsed (screws, bolts, washers etc).
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors

Make Sure Anything You Do Order Goes to the Right Place

Who knows where they’ll end up? Also, this is exactly what our house looked like the day before the move.

Maybe do this just before you move out;  update Amazon and the other online delivery places about your new address.  It was all to easy to use One-Click or other fast purchase systems to get stuff sent to the old house.

Get in the habit of checking the delivery address of ANYTHING you order over the next few months.


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