Iceland 2015

Iceland 2015

Iceland : Day 5

Golden Circle today!  A ring of interesting sights from Reykjavik into central Iceland and back.  Lots to see and a long day’s driving.  But awesomeness ahead!

Iceland : Day 4

Woke up today with aches and pains where I wasn’t even aware I had body-parts.  Apparently all the contortions I pulled to keep the right horse-riding posture were pretty new to a body finely-tuned and optimised for long-term computer use. … Read More ›

Iceland : Day 3

Today we’d booked into an Icelandic horse riding tour.  The rest of the family love horse-riding but I’m always a bit wary of anything involving living creatures (or “random behaviour simulators”, as I describe them).  But Icelandic horses are different… Read More ›

Iceland : Day 2

Today started with out first Icelandic breakfast; a mix of cheese, ham, sour dough, egg, fruit and Skyr (an Icelandic yogurt with fruit and nuts; insanely tasty). Additional fortification was available in the form of raw sugar (juice on tap… Read More ›

Iceland : Day 1

For my wife’s fortieth I organised a trip to see the Northern Lights; something she’d always wanted to do. I got quite a way into booking a trip to Iceland but I noticed that there was loads of things to… Read More ›