LAN Yarns : Apologizing for playing my race in Starcraft 2.

I played Starcraft 2 a great deal a few years ago.  After months and months of play I eventually got to Diamond league and promptly hung up Pneumatized Carapace for good.  Occasionally I’ll still watch a game or two but when I was dedicated to it I used to watch loads of them.

While digging through some old posts I made on the forums at the time I found the following about watching a game with my wife.  It’s a “my race is not as cool as the other races” whine but at least it’s by proxy! Continue reading “LAN Yarns : Apologizing for playing my race in Starcraft 2.”

Starcraft 2 : Legacy of the Void Review (Campaign)

After 8 years, the Starcraft story has concluded with Legacy of the Void.  I’ve finished it (just) and here are some (spoiler-free) thoughts. Continue reading “Starcraft 2 : Legacy of the Void Review (Campaign)”