Days Out

Brian Cox: Live

We went to see Brian Cox live at Wembley Arena recently and had a great time.  If you’re not familiar, he’s a physicist who appears on various TV and Radio shows about science.  He’s proven very popular because he makes… Read More ›

Moving Home: For Geeks

We recently moved house and while there are lots of helpful checklists out there (like this on on the BBC) there were a few extra wrinkles for me due to my generally nerdy existence.  So, here’s a few helpful hints… Read More ›

Elite Dangerous Photos

Still playing a lot of Elite Dangerous, though I’ve improved a bit as a pilot since my initial forays…. It’s an amazing game to just fly around in.  The flight model is top-notch and the galaxy is realistically modelled.  The… Read More ›

Matilda the Musical

We went to go and see Matilda the Musical last weekend for Mandatory Family Fun Time (TM).  It was great! We trogged up to London in the evening on the train, grabbed some lunch and then headed over to the… Read More ›

LAN Party Joy

Last weekend was LAN joy-time;  my friends bring our computers to someone’s house, we hook them up to his LAN and then we spend the weekend setting each other on fire. There’s some food, drink and socialising too but the… Read More ›