Heathstone : Questing

Hearthstone is Lots of Fun.  Free-to-play cardgame from Blizzard.  Good fun, and you can earn gold to pay for more packs of cards pretty easily.  If you’re not playing it, give it a go;


I’ll post some tips on getting gold and cards I’ve found.   First is about Questing;


You get a new quest every day which gives you a certain amount of gold.  What some people don’t realise is that you can cancel a quest once per day and get a new, randomly allocated one.

I normally have limited time so I tweak my quests every day and once I have 3 I have at it for a serious session.  With a bit of nouse you can align the quests (so you might end up with 2 quests that reward you for playing Priest and another for summoning lots of critters).  So when you get to play you get loads of gold .

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