Mission : Survive Getting To Australia, pt 1

So here we were; a pretty spontaneous (all planned, booked and paid for in a few weeks!) trip to Australia to take advantage of my contract finishing in time for the school holidays. The Overmind had worked like a trooper to get as much crammed into three weeks as possible and we had loads of fun stuff planned. First we had to get there with a quick stop in Dubai for a day to break up the massive flight.

A Hotel
Dubai Outbound

Our whistle-stop was successful in as much as we landed, found the hotel and managed to stay awake through the day. Everyone was friendly and Dubai airport was vast.

So vast it felt like we were the only people there for large parts of the trip through;it was like we’d fallen into the space between seconds.

The Swarm were superb; up and running at 5 AM for the 14 hr flight to Australia. All good, and on the plane.

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