Mission : Survive Getting To Australia, pt 2

This was always going to be the interesting bit; up at 5AM for a 14 hour flight with us getting into Sydney at 6AM local time. We needed to be tired enough to sleep when night-time came round in Sydney but rested enough to not say enough suicidally stupid while getting through customs.


The flight was pretty cool. We were on a new A380 so we had on-demand movies and some cool gadgets like a tail-cam on the plane. On demand Futurama killed the wait for the plane to taxi (a combination of hilarity and nervous self-control of hilarity to ensure minimal reproduction-related questions from the Zerglings).

We watched Oz The Great And Powerful and Oblivion and after discovering the arcade games shared a high-score table I spent loads of time crushing the scores of the pro-gamers / pre-schoolers on the flight.

In the end we got to sleep at 5PM which got us 6 hours or so sleep. Landed on time, got through customs without incident and got to the hotel with no problems at all. Woohoo!

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