Mission : Survive ~30 hours without sleep.

We got to the hotel by 8AM after some breakfast so there followed some enforced chilling while waited for the room. It was worth the wait though with us getting a great corner room with a view of the Opera House.

So, I'm a tourist.

Then, we were off.

First was Sydney Zoo where we could observe all the insanely hostile Australian wildlife from a safe distance. As well as the dangerous stuff you’d expect

A crocodile, not a bird

they also have the worlds most dangerous bird. Slightly disappointed the Tasmanian devils didn’t do the whirlwind thing though.

Don't meet it's gaze!
Resting after its last homicidal rampage.

Right next door was Madame Toussauds which was excellent. The girls required some explanation of what the point of it was going to be but it was totally interactive with the chance to rub shoulders with fellow style icons;

and to get my dodgy toe sorted;

This will sting a little.

We got back late, had some room-service and X-Men and settled down for kip at 8PM. We were absolutely sorted for getting onto Australia time now. No problemo!

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