State of Decay / Zombie Apocalypse Handy Hints

The following are my hard-learned tips for playing State of Decay or Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse (whichever comes first);

  1. If you’ve set up a defended home base, with watch towers, chain link-fences and reinforced walls it’s quite important to close the gate after you come home.
  2. Always carry a packet of crisps.

    Even if you get eaten, you're last act raises the zombie's cholesterol
    Survival Equipment
  3. The brutal, ruthless hillbillies might not have a backstory that reveals them to be tragically misunderstood and ripe for redemption.  Sometimes what you see (moonshine-addicted serial-killers) is what you get (moonshine-addicted serial-killers).
  4. Artillery strikes are not melee weapons.
  5. While sneaking up on an uber-zombie and deciding to jump in through the window to avoid it’s vision ensure the window isn’t closed first.
  6. Normally a car Solves All Zombie Problems, but it you hit a Poison Gas zombie their poison cloud can get stuck in the air conditioning and quickly kill everyone in the car no matter how frenziedly you drive.
  7. Adding a silencer to a shotgun doesn’t accomplish much.
  8. Food and Ammunition should be treated as a higher priority than getting a nice selection of fiction books in the library.
  9. When assisting another enclave in order to curry favour it’s important to not panic and empty an automatic weapon into the melee they’re fighting in.
  10. Zombies are experienced and ruthlessly efficient car-jackers.  Bear this in mind when driving in a car without doors.
  11. The correct answer so someone asking you “Do you think it’s really dead?”  is always “No, of course it’s bloody not.”
  12. When someone starts following you in order to get your help doing something safe(such as searching for fertilizer) feel free to take a small detour through the two or three infested houses in the neighbourhood that need purging.
  13. Also handy for frying bacon.
    Lethal Ordinance

    While equipped with high-tech weaponry far in advance of your own, the army will always prefer to beat zombies to death with golf-clubs and frying pans.

  14. Using a GPS doesn’t freeze time.  Switching back from the map to find your car on fire with everyone in it being devoured is a bit of a downer.
  15. Rethink your decision to take an enclave member with personality traits “lush” and “likes a drink” to go scavenging in a bar.
  16. Remember your safety training (“The Dean Rule”) about flame-based weaponry in enclosed spaces.
  17. While the front of automobiles is made of an aluminium / paper-mache hybrid the rear has the armour of a Main Battle tank.  Remember to check your mirrors as your reverse down the road mowing down zombies.

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