Wasteland 2

The 19th was a double Fez-day.  On the one hand, well, FRIDAY.  But also Wasteland 2 was finally released, two and half years after it was hit by the Kickstarter money-cannon. It was the first game I Kickstarted and I’ve… Read More ›

Marvel Heroes 2015

  Marvel Heroes 2015 (or previously, Marvel Heroes Online) has just passed it’s first year anniversary.  I started playing at release and have jumped back into it on-and-off throughout that year.  Marvel Heroes has undergone some massive changes since its… Read More ›

Hearthstone : The Arena

The Arena is a cool ‘sealed draft’ style sub-game.  For 150 gold you get to pick one of 3 randomly allocated heroes, then make a deck from 30 single selections from 3 cards.  Upside is you don’t have to worry… Read More ›