PowerShell: A Simple Batch Processing System

This is the skeleton of a Batch Processing System (Importing from a CSV file, performing consecutive tasks that are dependant on the previous task completing and then outputting the result).

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PowerShell: Create a CSV Report of Mailbox Sizes

The following is a simple script to generate a mailbox size report CSV for a set of email addresses.  The full function and explanation follows.

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PowerShell: Export All Exchange Mailbox Folder Permissions In A Format For Further Processing

Within Exchange (on-premise or Online) it’s sometimes helpful to export the delegate permissions that a user can set within their mailbox.  Get-MailboxFolderPermission is the cmdlet which will export that information for a particular folder.  The identifier needs to be in the format “john@contoso.com:\Marketing\Reports”.

That said there’s not an easy way to export the permissions on ALL folders within a mailbox and the output for that command isn’t very helpful for further processing.

So;  script.  It’ll take a mailbox as a parameter and output the permissions on all the mailbox folders (and subfolders) as objects.

I wrote a post about the initial version of the script and how it works in Part 1 here.

The first update, allowing the function to deal with special folders and the root better is here (Part 2).

I’ve also made the script stand-alone now (rather than a function).  So just save this as a .ps1 file and run it with the MailboxToProcess parameter and it will work.


$MB=Get-Mailbox Ororo.Monroe

c:\scripts\path\New-FolderPermissionReportObjectArray.ps1 -MailboxToProcess $MB
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Iceland : Day 4

Woke up today with aches and pains where I wasn’t even aware I had body-parts.  Apparently all the contortions I pulled to keep the right horse-riding posture were pretty new to a body finely-tuned and optimised for long-term computer use.  Luckily, we were booked to visit The Blue Lagoon;  a large geothermally heated spa.

Time to regenerate damaged muscles in mineral-rich, heated water.Bacta Tank

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