PowerShell: A Simple Batch Processing System, Part 1

batchHi.  I’ve written a few scripts that have gotten to be quite large.  In all cases they’ve needed to make a series of changes to a set of objects and log the results.  It’s normally important that some of the later changes only get made if the earlier ones are successful;  for example only changing the default SMTP address on a mailbox if another SMTP address was added earlier.

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PowerShell: Export All Exchange Mailbox Folder Permissions In A Format For Further Processing

Within Exchange (on-premise or Online) it’s sometimes helpful to export the delegate permissions that a user can set within their mailbox.  Get-MailboxFolderPermission is the cmdlet which will export that information for a particular folder.  The identifier needs to be in the format “john@contoso.com:\Marketing\Reports”.

That said there’s not an easy way to export the permissions on ALL folders within a mailbox and the output for that command isn’t very helpful for further processing.

So;  script.  It’ll take a mailbox as a parameter and output the permissions on all the mailbox folders (and subfolders) as objects.

I wrote a post about the initial version of the script and how it works in Part 1 here.

The first update, allowing the function to deal with special folders and the root better is here (Part 2).

I’ve also made the script stand-alone now (rather than a function).  So just save this as a .ps1 file and run it with the MailboxToProcess parameter and it will work.


$MB=Get-Mailbox Ororo.Monroe

c:\scripts\path\New-FolderPermissionReportObjectArray.ps1 -MailboxToProcess $MB
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Iceland : Day 4

Woke up today with aches and pains where I wasn’t even aware I had body-parts.  Apparently all the contortions I pulled to keep the right horse-riding posture were pretty new to a body finely-tuned and optimised for long-term computer use.  Luckily, we were booked to visit The Blue Lagoon;  a large geothermally heated spa.

Time to regenerate damaged muscles in mineral-rich, heated water.Bacta Tank

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Iceland : Day 3

Today we’d booked into an Icelandic horse riding tour.  The rest of the family love horse-riding but I’m always a bit wary of anything involving living creatures (or “random behaviour simulators”, as I describe them).  But Icelandic horses are different to the ones we have in the rest of Europe so I was a bit curious to try them out. Continue reading “Iceland : Day 3”

Iceland : Day 2

So Good.

Today started with out first Icelandic breakfast; a mix of cheese, ham, sour dough, egg, fruit and Skyr (an Icelandic yogurt with fruit and nuts; insanely tasty). Additional fortification was available in the form of raw sugar (juice on tap for the children) and caffeine (coffee on tap for the adults).

We were good to go!

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