Pirates of Penzance in London

Our family got tickets for Christmas and we we’re looking forward to seeing it (though the kids we’re a bit unsure about what it was;  “Is an Opera a musical?  What’s the difference?”.  A good question that :D)

I was expecting to go an appreciate the music and singer’s talent, but it was actually tonnes of fun. Continue reading “Pirates of Penzance in London”

Elite Dangerous Photos

highresscreenshot_2017-01-19_18-21-52Still playing a lot of Elite Dangerous, though I’ve improved a bit as a pilot since my initial forays….

It’s an amazing game to just fly around in.  The flight model is top-notch and the galaxy is realistically modelled.  The next best thing to being there (minus the asphyxiation and explosive decompression too!).  I finally took a trip to the alien ruins that have been discovered and exploring them using the Vive was stunning; a very cool, creepy atmosphere that the pics don’t do justice to.  Worth a trip!

Here’s a few screenshots. Continue reading “Elite Dangerous Photos”

Tales From IT: A Round-About Career Path

Sometimes I think back on my career path and it’s a bit…. meandering.  I love what I do but how I got here was more luck than judgement.  Still, in the style of Marvel’s WhatIf? there were a few key points where things could have gone in a very different direction… Continue reading “Tales From IT: A Round-About Career Path”

An Englishman in California, Day 18: Blizzard HQ, Home

Our revels now are ended; home again today.  California has been fantastic and we’re sad to go but we have time for one more cool visit on the way to the airport…p1070205 Continue reading “An Englishman in California, Day 18: Blizzard HQ, Home”

An Englishman in California, Day 17: Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom

A bitter-sweet day today;  our last full day in California but we get to go to The Magic Kingdom!img_0787 Continue reading “An Englishman in California, Day 17: Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom”