An Englishman in California, Day 18: Blizzard HQ, Home

Our revels now are ended; home again today.  California has been fantastic and we’re sad to go but we have time for one more cool visit on the way to the airport…p1070205Up and out after one last gargantuan breakfast.  The hotel was at Anaheim so on the way back we found the Blizzard offices and stopped to take a photo.

I’ve been playing Blizzard games since the original Warcraft and we’ve all played their games (often, together).  Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone have all been favourites.

After that it was time to get to the airport and go home.  Some random, trip facts;

A lot of driving!
A lot of driving!

Distance driven: 1444.8 miles (2300 km)

Time driving: 35 hours driven (I started the clock above 30 mins in)

Books Read: Dead Beat (Dresden Files Book 7), Proven Guilty (Dresden Files Book 8), Consider Phlebas, Doctor Sleep

Number of failed attempts at completing FTL on Normal: 102132231 (or so it felt like)

Number of successful attempts at completing FTL on Normal: 0

Good Year? No, the best.
Bye, California

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