An Englishman in California, Day 15: Disneyland, California Adventure

Woohoo!  Another surprise announcement for the girls;  we were ending our holiday in Disneyland.  And so, it begins….We were in a rush to get into the park for early opening so we wolfed down a quick bagel and jumped on the bus.  Everyone was pretty frazzled due to the early wake-up…

… which actually turned out to be totally unnecessary;  early starts in Disney are limited to specific parks, on specific days with specific tickets.  With all the various options, caveats, notes and exceptions I’d gotten totally the img_0699wrong end of the stick.  D’oh!

Everyone had the good grace not to ruthlessly mock me and we did get a little walk around  Downtown Disney which helped work us all up to a fever pitch.  (Clearly, that was my plan all along.)

Getting into the park was smooth and easy and everyone was really friendly.  I’d made A PLAN and while it didn’t survive first contact with the enemy (certain rides didn’t start straight away, others didn’t allow you to get a FastPass initially) it worked well.p1060956

The rides were great, especially the enormous coaster, California Screamin’.  It’s hard to pin down favourites because everything is high-quality;  all monitored and controlled by Disney to make it epic.

The speed of California Screamin’, experience of Soaring, theming of Radiator Springs Racers and Tough To Be A Bug plus the general coolness of Crush’s Turtle Talk and Toy Story Mania were just brilliant.p1060999

There was loads of stuff we did apart from the rides too.  We watched the Pixar Parade, explored The Tower of Terror and I learned how to draw Donald Duck!

A future at Pixar beckons


We finished the day with the World of Color show;  a massive set of fountains on the lake that a fantastic set of films and light-shows are projected over.  The best seats are tricky to get; we got a Fast-Pass for it and we STILL had to queue 1.5 hours before the show started!  That said, it was a superb end to the day and was worth the wait.p1070006 p1070011 p1070016

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