An Englishman in California, Day 3: San Francisco

More exploration of San Francisco!We wanted to try the old cable-car system so we were up early;  later in the day they get full of all the lazy tourists (like us!).  So we ran out and got a great breakfast (waffle and fruit for me)  at Eight AM.  And then onto the Powell Mason cable-car.









After a short trip we took a walk around some of the interesting sights in the area.

San Francisco Walk

1 Grace Cathedral

Saw the beautiful cathedral, chatted to some (very friendly) San Franciscans about politics and dogs and had a wander about.

Lombard Street

2 Ina Coolbrith Park

A small park with a great view across the city.


3 Washington Square

A large open space with lots going on.  Seems a popular spot!

4 Coit Tower

It was too busy to go up the tower but we walked around the base and looked at the huge, colourful murals.

Alliteration Square

(Well, not really but this was a cool sign)

Alliteration Time!

5 Caffe Triest

6 The Stinking Rose

Bit early for lunch; but maybe that was a good thing for our social acceptability 😉

Stinking Rose

7 City Lights

A famous independent bookshop with a history in the counter-culture and free-speech movements.  I had a read in the famous “Poet’s Chair” too.

City Lights Books Store

8 Chinatown, Dragon Gate

Chinatown itself was a great place to have a wander about;  very busy with all sorts of shops and vendors to have a mooch around.

Alliteration Time

9 Super Duper Burgers

This did some great, fresh burgers.  Fairly quick turn-around and not too bad on the price either (for San Francisco)

10 Lombard Street

A famous road made up of downhill hairpins (to allow the cars to navigate the steep gradient).  Pretty interesting but it was made awesome by the San Francisco employee gently heckling tourists in their own language to keep them moving across the (public) road.  Very funny 🙂






A great day;  we were pretty tired so we all a baked potato for tea and got to bed early.

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