An Englishman in California, Day 4: San Francisco

Our last day of exploring San Francisco.

Started with another good breakfast at Eight AM.  MOAR WAFFLE.

Then we spent the day walking down the piers on Fisherman’s Wharf.  We dropped by the sea lions again and then had a wander around the shops in Pier 39.

There were some cool shops down there like an old-fashioned magic shop and a shop tailoring to the sinister among us.Pier 39 Sea Lions

For lunch we went back to Ghirardelli‘s for lunch where I tried to eat a sundae the size of my own head.  I rolled myself back the hotel after watching an old cable-car table in action and had a relax before the evening’s main event;  a night-time visit to Alcatraz Island.P1050692

We hopped on a boat to the island and then had a brief tour up to the prison itself.  Inside we walked around with a brilliant audio-tour;  the recording was narrated by people who’d been there (working, or imprisoned) and combined with the sound effects was really gripping and atmospheric.

While I knew a bit about the general history of the island having more information about the specifics, lesser known parts of the history (the Native American occupation for example) and human stories there really brought it all to life.P1050732




P1050798 P1050767 P1050812


P1050821San Francisco was a brilliant city;  we were sad to say goodbye but we consoled by the fact we’d only just started our holiday 🙂



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