What does your computer hear when it listens without you knowing?

HALA lot of people are worried about computers listening in to what you’re doing.  Some of the people’s points are valid, while others come across as totally paranoid.  But what does your computer hear in the background?

I left my copy of VoiceAttack going after I finished playing Elite without realising it.  I didn’t have my mic on but it was live on my desk.  VoiceAttack uses the speech recognition system built into Windows and this is what my PC thought I was saying… Continue reading “What does your computer hear when it listens without you knowing?”

Computer Gaming Glossary

My kids are getting into computer gaming and they often ask me what certain gaming-related words mean.  I never really think about how byzantine some of the words are until someone asks so I thought I’d note them down as best I kind.  I’ve tried to keep the list as generic as possible (if I included all the MMO slang it’d probably be several dozen more pages).

So here’s the list, and my best attempt to make sense of them;

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