What does your computer hear when it listens without you knowing?

HALA lot of people are worried about computers listening in to what you’re doing.  Some of the people’s points are valid, while others come across as totally paranoid.  But what does your computer hear in the background?

I left my copy of VoiceAttack going after I finished playing Elite without realising it.  I didn’t have my mic on but it was live on my desk.  VoiceAttack uses the speech recognition system built into Windows and this is what my PC thought I was saying…

 ‘issue for the long-term-so-so-for fear that if’
 ‘and anything less than officer for an officer’s-self-just as if that person if this is the normalisation of the this their-offices of this is the life easier for of how the this were citizens and often they have a severe test of their families are civil cinema-life than one-and-so-so destined for than clo user itself as the for-itself-the-if-so-‘
 ‘if so if you else by if the system ways of the the of the than this-life-the four-way also has a now is to have the so–to-465’
 ‘if you if yes’
 ‘the start issuing of the their-self-belief-for migration routes that the safe for them all the over-she’s so sexy serve as if to say for the of the organisation-the-less-year-is so enormous that the have-whatever she does the minister for off-first into the office of-life-six-for-life if’
 ‘if justice so if this is an ever-reason of their herself as-if you fall migration on a system over from’
 ‘is never mind waiting is over the shares fell over my face’
 ‘if this is where they’ve gone why therefore there’
 ‘if you’
 ‘if you’
 ‘figures for the old cinema one into the the awful lot o’-the-by-whatever that is just the way for to enable us to four races or’
 ‘an animal mailboxes, for five or contact and an own mailbox is set for everything so that an Friday-self-they are known as easily as my very first of all synthesis-the-know what she said forward to that-yes-no feel for the his-no more than one might suffer for some, is that, says Justin because the’
 ‘the therefore have a highly-once the user he is self Sony is the has of my favourite fishing have any their no-hassle half-year if have no easy way for wonderful season general a high level where workers so is the use of this month at their exchange mailbox on their this-changing so know what to hand them over what’
 ‘for internal routes and one-life than’
 ‘firm all the users negative for success is still the best of their offices-herself no known as know-do the same for her-user or off the first thing I-the–or your favourite for the office in nine-ish, so-life issues’
 ‘if you so way it’s going to life since the that’s life is the demand more governor of the up-and-a-vis-a-vis-a-65 however’
 ‘if you over a new issues-were-for offices-year-if you off’
 ‘if the off that’
 ‘if the north-if’
 ‘fifth if’
 ‘delay in’
 ‘I love year’
 ‘Christina things’
 ‘if the that-if’
 ‘so the get-‘
 ‘Sonia O’Sullivan’
 ‘no star’
 ‘if of the’
 ‘yes or no’
 ‘there are’
 ‘the zeal’
 ‘firm whether you Surrey and others-wife had a year at halftime’
 ‘if rough life off’
 ‘if if if this is self-over-life chance to off-a-half-life half-so if you have if if if if’
 ‘if if if if if if they enough’
 ‘if his wife Virginia Life Life’
 ‘do if herself as the Soviet’
 ‘off-the-the-herself to say if you say you’
 ‘finish the whole of the that if you’
 ‘off your life you lead a life less the opposite of the off-the high life itself laugh at a if the no-one’
 ‘if some things’
 ‘being the dismissal of life net profits of the were mention the office this’
 ‘benefit the whole of life-a-half years pounds for the have to lunch don’t laughing matter if this’
 ‘off was oh so life for wife however stiff-over our house in the summer-fifth of its life-the-if-if no-the Sheriff-‘
 ‘off the off-the-shelf-life into this enough to’
 ‘life while seeing the off more than one life-the off-the-less than the Tories if you have a life the in-you can ask for a’
 ‘off the shelf-life to the for Mer the same staff had a couple decide whether she the if you lost’
 ‘if only if the off-off half’
 ‘so if the if X-or-if the half year if the if the if-if-for the life of her life. I know I have of life,’
 ‘as if half the for-life of the half life than one life staff at the Hague,’
 ‘stiff enough wife life wife life 1/2-life-half life of luxury than this half-mile high enough fiercely’

So, not got to worry about SkyNet just yet.  It’s still pretty interesting though;  some words that make sense from work discussions (“Mailbox”, “Migration”, “Office”, “Routes”) and some I can take a guess at (“vis-a-65” is probably Office 365 for example).  There are a few that sound roughly like technical phrases I use.

Some revelations too.  “Sony is the has of my favourite fishing” and “as if half the for-life of the half life than one life staff at the Hague” are points I’m going to remember from this point on.

And who the hell is Sonia O’Sullivan?


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