An Englishman in California, Day 9: Hearst Castle and Cambria

Off to see Hearst Castle today.

Breakfast was a nice, simple buffet.  There was a machine for making waffles though which was pretty cool.

You can’t drive all the way to Hearst Castle;  instead you park at a visitors centre and take a tour bus up to the property.  The bus journey didn’t feel like wasted time however as there was lots to see (the remnants of Hearst’s wildlife collection wander the grounds) and the recorded tour-guide gave plenty of interesting information.p1060253

There were multiple tours you could choose but the one we took showed us the Neptune pool (drained for maintenance), the living room, dining room, pool/billiard room and the indoor pool.

The largest building is stuffed with art Hearst collected from around the world.  Subtle it isn’t but Hearst himself was a pretty interesting person;  for example while not being particularly religious the house is covered with Christian art.

Once our tour had ended we watched a film about the creation of the castle and headed back to Cambria for a wander around.  Lots of interesting shops to see and a great Mexican meal for lunch.

p1060256 p1060269 p1060276 p1060287 p1060314

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