An Englishman in California, Day 7: Yosemite To Monterey

Another driving day, this time off to Monterey.Off and out early but we made time for a buffet breakfast at the hotel.  I needed the energy for a day sitting in the car, clearly.yosemite-to-monterey

A good drive again, stopping on the way at for a quick burger.

On our way
On our way

We got to Monterey in the afternoon and after checking in and dropping off our bags we rushed to Monterey Aquarium.

We only had one night in Monterey so we didn’t have a full day at the aquarium.  It was a fantastic place and while we saw everything there and watched a few of the shows there was lots more we could have done with a full day.

The layout was brilliant;  loads of massive tanks for the animals and tonnes of information.  Plenty of helpful staff too answering all our questions.

Not mutated, no lasers.
Not mutated, no lasers.

The Shark Talk was particularly cool;   neither a “look at these scary critters” or a “sharks are just innocent victims of a Hollywood hate-campaign” show but rather drilling into some of the challenges in studying them in the wild.  There’s still loads we don’t know about them and some of the techy solutions to tracking them were clever.p1060069 p1060071

Finished the day off by going into Bubba Gumps. Great food and a lively place plus the irony of eating sea-food after spending a day in a aquarium wasn’t lost on us 🙂

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