Australia : Day 5

The last major thing to do was cross the Sydney Bridge but before we got to that we tried that whole ‘spontaneous’ thing that people who can’t plan swear by. We booked on a trip to go whale-watching!

A pleasant walk over and back over the bridge gave us some lovely views and we got some great photos. Pretty much the definition of ‘you had to have been there’ though.

Sydney From The Bridge

There were loads of people waiting for the whale-watching boat to arrive and when it finally turned up it looked reassuringly sturdy. That said I still couldn’t help singing ‘farewell and adieu to you fair spanish ladies’ as we sped away.

I ignored all the warnings about chop and seasickness and hauled everyone to the top of the boat. They weren’t kidding about the amount of roll even on a fairly calm day but we were soon out into open waters. Finding an area with whales seemed surprisingly straightforward as there were already two whale-watching boats out to sea and they’d seen a pair of humpbacks close by.

At first it was remote glimpses as you’d try and spot the plume where they blew water. They’d only be a up for a short period before they went under again, normally for a few minutes. They were bound by law not to come too close but the whales themselves (an adult and junevile (copyright Zergling #1)) were clearly intent on flouting the law.

They came up right next to the boat on several occasions and they looked spectacular. The water was so clear you could see the submerged detail fairly clearly and the popped up randomly around the boat.

A great time. The offspring liked the whole ‘find the whale first’ thing and we all liked the awesomeness of the whales themselves.

It was our last night in Sydney so we had a good meal in the restaurant and got some kip.

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