Australia : Day 4

Sigh. Got a bad cold and pinged my back the day before. So the combination of sneezing and coughing with a sore throat and a bad back meant I barely slept again. While lying there listening to everyone else sleep I fantasised about how we were going to replace all these lousy body gubbins with cool, efficient machinery in the future. Hey, mentally designing cybernetics out of spite got me through to the morning 🙂

I felt grim so we tried to keep the walking to a minimum. Sydney Aquarium was interesting; the biggest aquarium in the world at one point. It had loads of interesting creatures but the layout would have vexed Theseus. It kind of wound round the huge central tanks in three directions. After a while I felt so bad I decided to let everyone else carry on while I’d go back to the hotel. Actually escaping the place where there were no early exits, single-file winding corridors and a plethora of pram-wielding traffic blockers meant it was not a pleasant experience.

Got back to the hotel while avoiding Soul Hunters and went back to sleep.

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