XCOM 2: Legendary Ironman Guide / Tips

After many restarts and dismal failures I did it ;  Legendary Ironman XCOM 2 complete!

It’s a lot of fun;  you always feel you’re close to death (at least at the beginning of the game) and the tension really gives you that “against all odds” vibe.  I’ve collated some tips to help you retain some sanity when you start Operation Gatecrasher for the tenth time.

I’ve written a similar guide for Long War 2, here.

Also here’s a guide for War of the Chosen (the latest XCOM2 expansion).

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Dumb Ways to Die : Elite Dangerous Edition


I’m really enjoying Elite Dangerous, but sometimes I think I’ve got a mild case of Stockholm Syndrome as sometimes playing the game seems like being in a long-term relationship with a sociopath.

One of the best/worst things about the game is that failure has consequences.  If you lose your ship, you lose it and everything in it – there’s no reload or roll-back.  If you’re careful you always have enough money to cover an insurance claim; that allows you to rebuy your ship and equipment at a fraction of the cost but you’ll still lose anything you’re carrying or have accumulated as data since leaving port.

But as long as you’re cautious you shouldn’t die too often, right?

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