Iceland : Day 4

Woke up today with aches and pains where I wasn’t even aware I had body-parts.  Apparently all the contortions I pulled to keep the right horse-riding posture were pretty new to a body finely-tuned and optimised for long-term computer use.  Luckily, we were booked to visit The Blue Lagoon;  a large geothermally heated spa.

Time to regenerate damaged muscles in mineral-rich, heated water.Bacta Tank

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Iceland : Day 3

Today we’d booked into an Icelandic horse riding tour.  The rest of the family love horse-riding but I’m always a bit wary of anything involving living creatures (or “random behaviour simulators”, as I describe them).  But Icelandic horses are different to the ones we have in the rest of Europe so I was a bit curious to try them out. Continue reading “Iceland : Day 3”

Iceland : Day 2

So Good.

Today started with out first Icelandic breakfast; a mix of cheese, ham, sour dough, egg, fruit and Skyr (an Icelandic yogurt with fruit and nuts; insanely tasty). Additional fortification was available in the form of raw sugar (juice on tap for the children) and caffeine (coffee on tap for the adults).

We were good to go!

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Australia : The End

The holiday was a fantastic.  Australia is a brilliant place and we barely scratched the surface in three weeks.  Would recommend it to everyone and we did loads of cool stuff which I could barely touch on here on my blog.

Plus, I managed to burn this into my hand while reaching for hash-browns;

On the other hand was burnt ‘Kal-El’.