The Wall of Nerd

I was wrestling with a sticky PowerShell problem the other day and while turning it over in my head I stared at my wall.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any inspiration.

But I also realised it’s a pretty good snapshot of my level of nerdiness.

Spot The Geek

Spot the cool stuff!


A DeathStar!  Made of Lego!  Tiny Star Destroyer there for scale.






A printer.  Unfortunately, still only 2D.  It’s got a gaming chair pillow on it though.



WallofNerd_ViveA HTC Vive.  VR is here!







Loads of board games.   These are the ones we play most often.  Roll for the Galaxy is one my friends and I have played a bit recently;  it’s really good.







Books.  A combination of graphic novels, film books, PowerShell manuals and RPG books.  Just out of sight;  Portal themed book-ends;  a present from my daughters 😀

There’s a Google Cardboard in front too being kicked my a mini- Lego AT-AT.

WallofNerd_War OF The RingWar of the Ring Game, Collectors Edition.  This looks so awesome (it’s a replica Elvish book made of wood).  The game’s pretty good too.




WallofNerd_DiceBoxDice, Screws, Models, Lego Manuals.  Collectively known as ‘gubbins’.


WallofNerd_StarDestroyerLego Star Destroyer.  With Realistic Cat Damage (TM) : the bridge is gone.




WallofNerd_CupsMore cool bits.  A cup painted by my daughter, a Lord of the Rings – themed goblet and a Jack Skellington mug.


WallofNerd_MoreGamesMore games.  Nestled between all the new-style games is a set of cards from Pictionary.  I’ve had that set since I was a student….

WallofNerd_LighthouseA VR Lighthouse.  It’s kind of cool that I’m constantly bombarded with lasers.


WallofNerd_GhostA Ghost!  Blinky in fact.  Just out of shot;  Pac Man chasing them.  Part of a present made by my youngest.


WallofNerd_FriendshipA Friendship bracelet also made by my youngest.







The top shelf.  From left to right;

Mini-Millenium Falcon, Wooden Dragon, Tie Fighter, B-Wing, Snow-Globe,  Millenium Falcon, Tie Interceptor and Phantom Menace ship that no-one knows the name of.

WallofNerd_WorkFoldersWork Stuff.  Not very interesting.  But pays for the other,  Cooler Stuff 🙂

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