Powershell Archiving Script, Part 1

A script to archive items between fast storage (SSD) and slow storage (mechanical hard-disk) using symbolic links to make the location of the files transparent to the OS.  A solution to Steam games flooding my C:\ drive!

That should be pretty easy, right?

As part of my ongoing ‘learn Powershell’ initiative I needed A Problem.  I can’t just sit down and fiddle around with tech, I at least need the appearance of a practical application for what I’m doing otherwise it’s a waste of time, right?  So for any project I need a ‘Practical Applicability’ Beard.

The other main use I have for my computer is gaming and so I’d like to make PC gaming a little easier.  If the solution can have broader applications as well, then great.

So a common problem I have is that I run out of space on my small, fast drive and need to archive folders off to my large, slow drive.  I normally use mkdir to create symbolic links so that any references to that path don’t need to be updated.   As far as the OS is concerned everything is how it was before as NTFS transparently redirects requests to the new drive.

It’s pretty cool but takes a bit of manual fiddling.  A good candidate to script then!

I’ll try and break the project down into chunks and document what I learn as I go.  Then I’ll upload the final script when I’ve tested it.

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