Australia : Day 2

Circadian rhythms, why must you always thwart me ?!?

Barely any sleep for all of us and a very definitely set alarm meant the holiday outing looked like the cast of a George Romero film.

Still we dined massively on Authentic Australian Breakfast Fare (TM) like pancakes, miso soup and spring rolls and so fortified we sallied forth.

Hopped on an early ferry to Manly. The trip was great and Overmind got some more awesome shots of the bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Ferry to Manly

The day consisted of a long walk around part of the edge of the town and beach (adults; thumbs up! youngest zergling (two thumbs, way down) and a trip around the Sea Life centre.


While it was small the animals were in great enclosures and the staff were friendly and knowledgable (being able to sex a shark is going on my CV) and there was tonnes to do. Sea slugs + sea cucumbers were held and inquisitive zergling No 1 got to ask a lot of questions.

 Improved Grapple (Ex): To use this ability, a mind flayer must hit a Small, Medium, or Large creature with its tentacle attack.

Back to the hotel and the rules of Marco Polo were explained to me in the pool. Seemed pretty straight-forward though the description of me playing was pretty un-flattering (a cross between a blancmange and Cloverfield).

Found a tucked-away Noodle bar then off to bed!

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