Getting Started with TitanFall 2 Multiplayer

TitanFall 2 is a brilliant FPS that I loved playing for the campaign.  The multiplayer modes are great too but can take a bit of adjusting to.  It’s strongly tied to movement with loads of tricks and quirks for doing awesomely cool things.  Unfortunately what that meant for me starting out was I got killed repeatedly by other people doing awesomely cool things while I flailed about randomly.

So here’s a few tips in how to get started, do decently in games and not just be a slightly more-animated target dummy. Continue reading “Getting Started with TitanFall 2 Multiplayer”

How to Get Started In Elite: Dangerous

I spend lots of time playing Elite.  I’ve been playing since release and I’m still learning stuff about it.  Which is great, as there’s always something new to discover.

But if you’re new to the game, it can seem a bit intimidating.  I remember being overwhelmed when I first started playing with some disastrous results

So if you’re starting from fresh, what’s a good start? Continue reading “How to Get Started In Elite: Dangerous”

PowerShell: Tutorial 2, “Teach a Man to Fish” or Working Out The Command You Need

A series of tutorials, or How To Get Started With PowerShell:  “It’s Awesome” edition.

The title was originally built around “Teach A Man A Cmdlet and he PowerShells for a day;  Teach a Man to Use Get-Command and he PowerShell’s for a lifetime.”  But it got more and more clumsy and convoluted so I finally decided that there really was a limit to my own cleverness.

PowerShell really is quite clever though and makes it really easy to work out the cmdlets you want to use for any task. Continue reading “PowerShell: Tutorial 2, “Teach a Man to Fish” or Working Out The Command You Need”

PowerShell: Tutorial 1, Everything is an Object

A series of tutorials, or How To Get Started With PowerShell:  “It’s Awesome” edition.

When I thought about what I considered the most important, fundamental thing to learn about PowerShell I went through a couple of options;  Piping?  The help system and Get-Command?  -WhatIf?

All useful things to learn but it has to be how everything in PowerShell is an object.  It’s how you can build Really Cool Stuff from lots of simple bits and it’s also the thing that catches me out occasionally. Continue reading “PowerShell: Tutorial 1, Everything is an Object”

PowerShell: Why the Count Property or += Don’t Work Sometimes

One thing that I occasionally forget (and it can take me a while to remember the fix) is some apparently strange behaviour when processing an array.  Sometimes array-based methods don’t work when there’s only one item (or no items!) to be processed.

It’s all down to PowerShell’s automatic type conversion and is pretty easy to fix. Continue reading “PowerShell: Why the Count Property or += Don’t Work Sometimes”