PowerShell : Record Process Time Script (Updated)

I’ve had the script I wrote to keep a record of certain processes run time running for  a while (I’m using it to keep a log of the games I play and when).  One thing I noticed though is that there are plenty of processes matching the path I’m interested in (anything with “games” in the file path) that I’m not interested in.  Launchers, background tasks, updaters or services for example.

What I need to do is set a list of exclusions and then make sure any process that matches the other criteria isn’t listed in the exclusions.  The changes are below;

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PowerShell : Recording Process Run Time (Or, How Long Have I Played That Game For?)

I did a post about all the games I played in 2014.  The only source of data I had was the total play-time from Steam, but I really wanted a way of getting more detailed information (like when I played them and how long for).

I thought about it and I what I wanted was script that would record the time processes that were running on my system and write them to a file.  The script would stay running and update the file at periodic intervals to record how long the processes  had been running for.

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