Star-Trek : Bridge Crew, First Impressions

Do you want to experience being on the of the Enterprise? Do you have some form of VR device?

Then you’re in luck because you too can do James T Kirk impersonations in front of three strangers while saying things like “Full Power to Engines, Aye!” without a trace of irony.

This is the kind of thing that’s the killer app for VR.Bridge Crew 1
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Socially Acceptable, Hi-Tech Fidgeting: The Fidget Cube

I backed the Kickstarter for the Fidget Cube when I saw it and they finally arrived!

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin;  a cube for fiddling with.  Each side has a range of surfaces, buttons and widgets all of which give lots of satisfying feedback.

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Things I Didn’t Expect from the Overwatch Beta Weekend…


I lucked out last weekend and got invited into the Overwatch stress test.  Overwatch is on my “games that might make me giddy” list so I was willing to sacrifice myself to help stress-test Blizzard’s servers.

For the greater good, you see.

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