Socially Acceptable, Hi-Tech Fidgeting: The Fidget Cube

I backed the Kickstarter for the Fidget Cube when I saw it and they finally arrived!

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin;  a cube for fiddling with.  Each side has a range of surfaces, buttons and widgets all of which give lots of satisfying feedback.

They’re pretty cool! Continue reading “Socially Acceptable, Hi-Tech Fidgeting: The Fidget Cube”

Things I Didn’t Expect from the Overwatch Beta Weekend…


I lucked out last weekend and got invited into the Overwatch stress test.  Overwatch is on my “games that might make me giddy” list so I was willing to sacrifice myself to help stress-test Blizzard’s servers.

For the greater good, you see.

There’s plenty written about the game already so I thought I’d write down where I found the game surprising. Continue reading “Things I Didn’t Expect from the Overwatch Beta Weekend…”