More Family Board Games

Sometimes I’m pulled away (struggling / screaming / whimpering) from my PC to interact with my family in the real work.  Of course, ‘real’ is relative and it’s cool to play board games when the mood takes us.  I’ve got a lot of games but most aren’t really suitable for family play either because;

A) The game takes 3 hours to even set up the board.  By the point one or more family members have lost the will to live and have gone back to something more interesting like counting floating dog hairs or squabbling with siblings.
B) It involves the kind of cut-throat competitiveness that would make Machiavelli look like the Dalai Lama.

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Board Game Recommendations For Families

I play a lot of board games with my children (two, aged 10 and 12);  they’ve got to the stage now where they beat me as often as I win, which is pretty cool.  Here’s a list of the games we’ve played the most;  not necessarily our favourites but these are the ones we keep coming back to.

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