Birthday Awesomeness

Had a brilliant birthday celebration. As a renaissence man it ticked all the cultural boxes as you’d expect.

It started off on a high note as I’d taken the day off of work. Because it was in the summer holidays the girls were about so we all started the day with a great cooked breakfast.

Straight after there were cool presents. The girls had made me some brilliant cards and poems, plus their present was a high-tech brown-paper lunch bag, customised with a Space Invader. Old school chic!

After unwrapping some very cool geeky things (Board games! Computer games! Movies!) we were off for my birthday treat. We hopped on a train to London and had a tasty packed lunch by the river. There was plenty to see around the area but we were pushed for time as we had seats to see Guardians of the Galaxy at the IMAX.GOTG-poster

I love the IMAX, and I’d wanted to see Guardians for ages. The girls had never been to the IMAX before and it was cool to see their reactions (“Dad! The screen is bigger than our house!”). The film itself was fantastic; funny and spectacular with some brilliant characters. You can always tell a good team movie when you can’t decide who was your favourite character afterwards.

After the film we took the girls to the Forbidden Planet for the first time. Both of the girls had been raised right and have a healthy interest in comics, sci-fi and games so they both went in with their eyes agog.

As ever it was a challenge to leave without impoverishing myself but I managed to restrain my purchases to an X-Men graphic novel and a rare omnibus of Bloom County. The next time I go I’ll have to re-mortgage and bring a lorry.

The trip home on the train was great and we capped the day off with pizza and a movie. As I said, a cultural extravaganza 😀

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