Doctor Who Museum


Took the family up to Cardiff at the weekend (some friends said we could use their flat which was awesome).  One of the places we went to was the new, improved Doctor Who museum.  A very cool interactive experience / adventure with Matt Smith as the Doctor was great;  and totally authentic as the petrified 5 year-old in the group could testify.  To be honest the Weeping Angels would terrify anyone.

Lots of exhibits from the show too,  including the original Keeper of Traken (which is one of the earliest episodes I can remember) costumes from all the Doctors and assistants a full set of Sonic Screwdrivers and all sorts of other gubbins.

Some interesting questions from the Zerglings (“Why did the Doctor have such a massive scarf back then?”) and loads of dancing trying to avoid spoilers but it was brilliant fun.

The Original
An Ice Warrior, yesterday
It’s hardly changed at all….




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