Mission : Survive Getting To Australia, pt 2

This was always going to be the interesting bit; up at 5AM for a 14 hour flight with us getting into Sydney at 6AM local time. We needed to be tired enough to sleep when night-time came round in Sydney but rested enough to not say enough suicidally stupid while getting through customs.


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Mission : Survive Getting To Australia, pt 1

So here we were; a pretty spontaneous (all planned, booked and paid for in a few weeks!) trip to Australia to take advantage of my contract finishing in time for the school holidays. The Overmind had worked like a trooper to get as much crammed into three weeks as possible and we had loads of fun stuff planned. First we had to get there with a quick stop in Dubai for a day to break up the massive flight.

A Hotel
Dubai Outbound

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Where has all my disk space gone?

25% of the disk gone!  The game’s afoot!

50 GB of disk space missing doesn’t sound like much, but when it’s on your 220 GB SSD it’s a fair old chunk of change.  I had my suspicions that the space of all the folders and files didn’t add up to the usage figures on the disk and after a few Powershell shenanigans I was proved right.

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