Australia : Day 3

A semi-decent nights sleep forward by more eclectic combinations for breakfast (nuts, beans, Egg in Purgatory, blood oranges, mushrooms) was enough to overwhelm the cold I’d developed and we set off to the Sydney Tower.

250m up gave us superb views of the city and interactive monitors dotted around the windows explained what we were seeing. Very cool and made me want to fire up Sim City when we got back.

Sydney At Night

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Australia : Day 2

Circadian rhythms, why must you always thwart me ?!?

Barely any sleep for all of us and a very definitely set alarm meant the holiday outing looked like the cast of a George Romero film.

Still we dined massively on Authentic Australian Breakfast Fare (TM) like pancakes, miso soup and spring rolls and so fortified we sallied forth.

Hopped on an early ferry to Manly. The trip was great and Overmind got some more awesome shots of the bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Ferry to Manly

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Mission : Survive ~30 hours without sleep.

We got to the hotel by 8AM after some breakfast so there followed some enforced chilling while waited for the room. It was worth the wait though with us getting a great corner room with a view of the Opera House.

So, I'm a tourist.

Then, we were off.

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Mission : Survive Getting To Australia, pt 2

This was always going to be the interesting bit; up at 5AM for a 14 hour flight with us getting into Sydney at 6AM local time. We needed to be tired enough to sleep when night-time came round in Sydney but rested enough to not say enough suicidally stupid while getting through customs.


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Mission : Survive Getting To Australia, pt 1

So here we were; a pretty spontaneous (all planned, booked and paid for in a few weeks!) trip to Australia to take advantage of my contract finishing in time for the school holidays. The Overmind had worked like a trooper to get as much crammed into three weeks as possible and we had loads of fun stuff planned. First we had to get there with a quick stop in Dubai for a day to break up the massive flight.

A Hotel
Dubai Outbound

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Where has all my disk space gone?

25% of the disk gone!  The game’s afoot!

50 GB of disk space missing doesn’t sound like much, but when it’s on your 220 GB SSD it’s a fair old chunk of change.  I had my suspicions that the space of all the folders and files didn’t add up to the usage figures on the disk and after a few Powershell shenanigans I was proved right.

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