Creating A Powershell Profile Script

Your Powershell profile is a .ps1 (Powershell script) that’s automatically run whenever you start a new Powershell command prompt.  You can do all sorts of customisation but possibly the best use for it is to add functions you’ve created yourself so they’re available at the command line.  This post shows how to create it.

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Converting American Express PDF Statements to CSV with Powershell

Gah.  Importing accounts into accountancy programs can be tedious.  What makes it more tedious is when banks make life even more difficult.  American Express allows you to download statements in nice CSV formats though.


Except if the statement is older than 6 months, then you have to download it as an non-formatted PDF.


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Reboot Router Automatically when the Internet Disconnects

So; if you’re going to be going away for 3+ weeks and need your Internet to stay up.  What if the router needs a reboot or it goes haywire?  Needless to say you can’t do it remotely if the Internet is unavailable (actually, there are some cool power-sockets that can cycle the power when they get an SMS text to an installed SIM card).

Here’s a solution I came up with;

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